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This keychain, crafted from a Russian APC destroyed between Bucha and Irpin in March 2022, is a profound symbol of resilience. Measuring 43x27x6 mm, each steel plate may vary slightly in thickness (up to 0.5 mm). Made of high-quality hardened armored steel (hardness 33.2 HRC) and weighing 50g, this piece not only serves as a memento of a pivotal moment in history but also as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who resist aggression. Own a piece of history, a tangible reminder of the struggle for freedom.


- Size: Steel Plate: 1.7x1.07x0.24 inch (43x27x6 mm).
- Weight: 50 g.
- Design: brutal minimalism (so many people around the world like it )
- In the engraving process, we use a special laser designed exclusively for high-precision engraving on metal. Thus, we are able to get a better picture.



Please specify the style number and add your text (up to 100 signs) in the "PERSONALIZATION -ADD YOUR TEXT HERE:" text box.
Text is capitalized by default unless otherwise specified.

The series of token charm is limited. Destroyed enemy vehicles and russian military surplus in their normal state are very rare, parts from which such things can be made are extremely limited. We hope for our quick victory and the termination of the supply of enemy "raw materials" to our country.
The piece of armor will not change its appearance over the years. The steel from which they are made of russian tank skin, which is ten times harder than ordinary steel (ordinary steel has a hardness of "-11" HRC, our material is "33.2" HRC)

•READY TO SHIP - These designs are ready to ship out 2-4 business days after your order is placed.
• MADE TO ORDER - Takes about 10 - 12 business days (Monday - Friday) upon receiving all information. We carefully craft made-to-order pieces primarily by hand, so the creation process can take time.


Support freedom! - Support Ukraine!

Signature Token made of russian Destroyed APC skin: 2022 Bucha-Irpin Relic

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