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Embrace a piece of aviation history with the AChS1 mechanical table clock, originating from the legendary TU-95 bomber. 
"Ghost of Kyiv" edition, this clock is a remarkable collector's item and a tribute to aviation heritage.


Unique Design and Heritage: 
Originally part of a TU-95 bomber, this clock is a testament to the engineering marvels of aviation history.


Mechanical Precision: 
The clock features a mechanical movement with a winding frequency of once every two days, ensuring its timeless accuracy.


Durable and Elegant: 
With a weight of 835 g and dimensions of 17 cm in height, 11 cm in width, and a 7.5 cm dial diameter, it's both a substantial and elegant piece.


Long-lasting Performance: 
After a complete winding, the clock runs for over three days, with a stroke accuracy of ±20 seconds/day and an operating temperature range of ±60°C.


Beautiful Presentation:
 The clock comes in a wooden box, adding to its value as a collectible and making it an ideal gift.


A Piece of History:
 Perfect for aviation enthusiasts, history buffs, or collectors seeking unique and meaningful items.

This AChS1 clock is not just a timepiece; it's a fragment of history, encapsulating the spirit of the TU-95 bomber and its past.


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Authentic AChS1 Clock from TU-95 Bomber - "Ghost of Kyiv" Edition

$699.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
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